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We bring together experts in engineering, business investment, and environmental policy to build novel climate change interventions. Learn how you can get involved in helping create innovative solutions to the global warming crisis.


Crowdsourcing Carbon Capture

Global warming is arguably the most critical issue facing our society today. Since the industrial era, human activities such as transportation, electricity production, industry, and agriculture have all contributed to the rise in greenhouse gases. It is a problem that affects every organism and if we do not take drastic steps to curb climate change now, the effects on the planet could be catastrophically irreversible.

In order to remain under the 1.5°C global warming limit set by the IPCC, many scientists advocate for using two simultaneous interventions to combat the rise in greenhouse gases; cutting carbon emissions and removing existing atmospheric CO2. Clean energy technology and its implementation is not progressing quickly enough for us to reduce atmospheric CO2 concentrations by limiting emissions alone, therefore, carbon capture and storage (CCS) interventions are a necessary intervention if we have any hope of reversing the effects of global warming.

Small interventions made by many individuals can make a collectively huge impact the environment. People are becoming more aware of their carbon footprint and its contribution to global warming. As the cost of carbon capture technology has decreased, we see the potential for creating and improving CCS technology for individual use. CarbonNix works to establish connections between climate researchers, engineers, lawmakers, and investors to bring innovative CCS intervention technologies to the market.

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